Office Nutrition

Essential Items to Keep at Your Office Desk

With most of us spending long hours at the office every day, it makes sense to equip our workspaces with a couple of personal items that are handy to have on hand. While we go to great lengths to ensure our homes are always stocked up with all our necessities, we tend to neglect to give the same consideration to the place many of us think of as a second home; our office or workspace.Keeping a generous...

Should you invest in a water dispenser at your office space?

It's the smallest investment for the Best Worker you've had to date!Did you ever consider investing in a water dispenser at your office space?  We've all heard that our bodies are 75 per cent made of water and that we should drink at least two litres per day. But did you know how much a healthy intake of water actually affects your everyday energy levels, immune system, mental processing and overall...

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